What are your areas of specialization in marketing and merchandising and how do you correlate these specializations with the services needed from an image coach?

I have worked for small businesses, nonprofit charities, and large corporations always with marketing communications role. The industries have been both B2B and B2C, specifically engineering, technology and telecommunications, retail and consumer goods. I have consulted for over 100 small businesses, so I have a deep understanding of start-ups and the entrepreneurial environment. I am an expert in media relations and my ideal work includes crisis communications, community engagement, and employee relations.

Basically, I am a PR gal.

I have seen again and again in the conversations I am having with friends and acquaintances that the questions, issues, and advice that arise in business look shockingly similar to those that arise in relationships. Specifically the pursuit of new relationships. At first, I was just a great friend with loads of useful tips and suggestions. Over time I realized that not only is this important to my friends, but it is also important for a lot of people. After officially coaching friends, I met strangers online and offered free advice. From there I was able to gather a few paying clients. Like a business, I continually examine the environment and keep asking questions.

So after several years in various roles and in consulting on the side, I began to realize that no matter the organization, no matter the industry, no matter the crisis, I was giving the same advice over and over again.

Turns out solid PR advice does not change, even if the product or service does. So I can walk into nearly any business situation and provide solid strategic counsel.

At the same time, I have lots of friends and family who, because of my ability to communicate and articulate situations effectively, come to me for personal advice.

Guess what. Sitting on the couch with a girlfriend, my advice sounds almost exactly the same as when I am in a boardroom.

Executive: We built a website but nothing is happening and we need more sales.

Me: The website needs better photos, more content, and you have to find other ways to engage your customers.

Friend: We create a dating profile but nothing is happening and I need more dates.

Me: Your dating profile needs better photos, more content, and you have to find other ways to engage your potential suitors.

Branding is branding. Product or person, it doesn’t matter. Branding is what is being offered and how that makes people feel. Branding is not what you tell people to think, branding is what people think of you.

She’s honest. He’s humble. She’s kind.

No one walks about telling their friend, “hey, remember I am kind.” Their experience of you is that you are kind. As a kind person, you have built a brand that says who you are.

I’m fun. I am not always fun. I have bad days. I cry or yell or pout, but most people see me as fun. I work my ass off and I will silently judge you if you don’t but if we work together, it will be fun. That’s part of my brand. And guess what, I wear fun things too. I wear lots of animal print (like way more than is reasonable!) and high heels and great hats and big jewelry. Guess what. I look fun too! And I laugh a lot. I actually giggle more than I should. Because I am fun.

That’s my authentic brand. My job now is to use all of this experience and expertise to help others find their authentic brand.

I would love to chat more and you can reach me here or visit me on Facebook and send a private message.

I help clients by using my digital marketing expertise to help guide their online presence – from photos to words, to the overall presentation to actual in-person events.

Thanks for this question. It really helps me to understand where you are at and how I can help.

Coach JJ