How should people avoid being catfished?

Oh yes, the dark side of dating.

I personally would not date someone that I could not verify in another context. For example, after I met my fiancé I found him on LinkedIn and everything matched. We also had mutual connections on FB. We live in the same town, so it was easy.

I do not suggest carrying on long distance, internet-only relationships. You have to meet in real life. If someone is traveling or lives far away, tell them you would love to connect next time they come to town and then back away slowly.

The world is full of kind, honest people who want real love. Don’t waste your time on someone who hides behind their computer.

If the information they give you does not add up, then take a break. And you should be dating enough people in real life that it won’t matter if a faker sneaks in because they will be quickly shoved aside in your mind by your awesome, real life dates.

Thanks for being here!