Dating Q & A

Q: What are a few common mistakes people make while dating?
Q: What is the role of self-criticism in the development of one’s image?
Q: How articulate should people be in expressing their emotions?
Q: What red flags should someone look for when dating online?
Q: How should people avoid being catfished?
Q: How is dating different now than it was ten years ago?
Q: Why do people feel it is harder to find their soulmates now?
Q: How can I identify if a certain dating prospect is worth the effort?
Q: What do you recommend for people struggling with dating myths?
Q: What is your biggest fear in the dating world today?
Q: What are your thoughts on sugar daddies and sugar babies?
Q: What are the most common mistakes in online dating profiles?
Q: What are the best dating sites and apps that you have used?
Q: Many say that dating is a game, why don’t you agree?
Q: What are your best tips for those trying to have an image boost?
Q: Which principles of marketing apply best to dating and why?
Q: How does PR expertise correlate with online dating image coaching?

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